This week I had a meeting with the Training Manager. She manages trainers and training coordinators. Her recommendation to proceed with a Blended Learning test is critical. It is natural for her to be involved in the processes and guides to be used by trainers and training coordinators.

I presented to her the same outline that I presented to the Director.
Her response was overwhelmingly positive, “This could really free up the Trainers to target specific provider issues by getting the basics out of the way before the Trainer’s class.”

Having such a positive reaction has me very enthusiastic  Why am I enthusiastic? In previous jobs, pitching a new idea has had negative consequences. In a similar situation  I would receive a flurry of negative comments and reasons why such an idea would never work. 

Why is the reaction different now? I think that two elements make this different. First, the culture of this company (and of my department in particular) is one of continuous quality improvement. The company encourages an iterative process similar to action research and this allows the introduction of new ideas and testing. Other companies that I have worked for lacked continuous improvement in their make up. Simply put, the company that I work for is more developmentally advanced than others. Secondly, in the past, I would not couple a concept with the idea of small scale feasibility testing. When pitching a new idea or concept within the context of testing it for efficacy seems to make the concept less threatening. I have yet to have management in any company say no to testing a new way of doing things with a potential toward providing benefits.


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