This week the Director has a closer look at the same process that I showed the Manager on 2.18.13. The meeting was brief and his only concern was that when we run an experiment on this process, we randomly select providers so that we can get a representation of responses to the blended learning that is more like our entire learning population. The end result of this action research will lead to a series of experiments that will guide us into improving the blended learning process to the point where we can institute it into daily practice with a high confidence that it will satisfy the training needs for a good portion of our learning population. I assured him that we would devise a random selection process during our process to ensure a good variety of feedback from different types of learners.

Do I feel that my strategy of engaging the Manager and Director in the development of the process? I believe, in general, that engaging stakeholders in the development of the blended learning process is vital to the success of the project.  The general strategy is, I feel, correct. However, after getting feedback from the Director, I perceive that he is focusing on a bigger picture. As far as finer grained feedback on the process, I think I will need more frequent feedback from the Manager and from a Training Coordinator who will be the type of person who has to perform the process. I think this tactical change will allow me to achieve more improvement in the process.


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